M Streets in the House

It’s so funny, the neighborhood we lived in Dallas was called the M Streets, but tucked into these streets was one that stood alone; Kenwood.

Why would city planners put a K street in the middle of the M Streets?  Not being from Dallas, when hubby and I started looking for houses, we didn’t realize that it was a big deal to live on an actual M street, not a K street in the middle of all these M’s.  People on the M Streets had freakin bumper stickers that looked like those Euro-stickers with the country code on them, but they simply had a M on it.  So, feeling like the drama/band/goth/math club outsiders, we started calling ourselves the M-ish street crew.  But like a lot of outsiders, we were never organized enough to get a bumper sticker.

I went back to Big D this weekend to meet up with the girls to start shopping for Carey’s wedding dress.  Do you want a peek?

Ha! Ha! Too bad.  This is all you’ll get.

But if you go to Dallas and you’re staying in the Uptown/Highland Park/Ross Avenue area, here’s the places I recommend:

  1. Gloria’s on Greenville Ave
  2. Cafe Izmir on Greenville
  3. Mi Conzuelas on Main
  4. Bread Winners on Hall
  5. Times Ten on Skillman
  6. Aw Shucks on Greenville
  7. Luby’s on Mockingbird
  8. Campisi’s on Mockingbird
  9. Central Market on Lovers
  10. Cafe Brazil on Central Expressway

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