Broomsticks and Aprons and lots in between…Catching up on this week

Dishes. That’s why I haven’t really been in the kitchen this week. I don’t want to do dishes. Silly isn’t it. I’ve been to the grocery store, clipped recipes, but still, we ate out every meal this last week. I wonder if it was the weather? Forecast for this week- Vegan Cupcakes I found in a NY Times article link from AfricanKelli.

Bridal Showers. Oh yeah, there was one of those in the mix too. I don’t do “showers” really well. I don’t like guessing how big is the mom-to-bes-belly or play Married Mad-Lips, but this one was short, to the point and fun. Ana had a great idea for place holders. She made aprons with our names on them and them tied to the backs of our chairs.

Farmer’s Markets. I love getting up early on Saturday mornings and heading out to Farmer’s Markets.  The Farmer’s Market group in the Phoenix area has really worked on putting up a friendly Web site. I usually go to the RoadRunner Market, you can count on at least a dozen vendors and a nice selection of fresh produce and pre-made items.  This weekend I ventured out to the Mesa Market. There was only one produce vendor and maybe two arts and craft booths. It was nice enough, but after five minutes, I was finished browsing.

One good thing about the experience, was that I got to explore downtown Mesa. There’s a lot of sculpture and boutique shops. This sculpture is called the Drunk Horse.

Art. Getting caught up in the art scene, it’s not a bad place to be. I went to the Phoenix Art Museum. My friend Ann is finishing her Docent training there and she wanted to practice her tour. She did an amazing job and I learned a lot. I don’t know how to really look at art. I’m one of those spend 10 seconds per painting, determine if I could have done it better and move on. So, any chance to have someone talk to you about a piece, is a treat. She needs to work on being nicer. She kept telling me, “Don’t touch that!”

We ran over to Old Town and went to see the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. There was a fun exhibit with lots of toy figures. If you go there, you MUST eat breakfast or lunch at The Orange Table.

Last night, Hubby and I went to see Body World 3 at the Arizona Science Center. We learned a lot. Here’s a hint, we went at 7:45 PM, which was perfect. We ate an early dinner at Circa 1900, went to the exhibit and afterwards, went back to Circa for dessert. My dinner experience was similar to the review in Feasting in Phoenix. I had to capture a shot of the dancers in front of the Herberger Theater. Something tells me this wasn’t part of the original vision, but if you can’t have fun, what’s the point.

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