From Phoenix with Love

Thinking about the people I love and doing thoughtful things don’t usually line up in my life. I buy cards for almost every significant event, compose a thoughtful message and never get the cards in the mail. I can’t even think of a good excuse why I don’t. I have stamps, my office is across the street from a post office, I just can’t seem to make the two actions connect.

BUT, this year, HA! I actually executed on something semi thoughtful. I made stationary.

It was a little scary wondering through the craft store. I was embarrassed. I needed a glue gun. The minute I asked some glitter-bedazzler-sewing maven for a glue gun, they would know I was a novice. They might, even point and laugh at me.

So, trudging through the store, I finally found the cutest little glue gun you’ve ever seen. I fought through the stamp isle (more on crazy scrapbookers later) and found some pretty ribbon. 19 hours later, I had a finished product, ready for delivery.


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