Cupcaking with Worms

It is important to realize that are many different species of worm, each suited to a different habitat. These worms are suited perfectly for a little cupcake garden.  I copied these cupcakes from my newest cookbook, A Baker’s Field Guide to Cupcakes.  I’m really enjoying the layout of the book, it’s easy to follow. For example, for each recipe, there’s a write up that explains either the variations you can take with each one and then the recipe follows with a picture of the end product. It’s a paint by numbers cupcake book which is perfect for me. I tend to not be too snazzy in that part of baking.

I’m getting better results with the ’basic’ cake recipes in this book. The recipes I’ve used from Martha tend to explode out of the little cupcake holders and so far, I’ve had really good luck with these.

As always, I take the treats up to the office and share them with my team, but I wanted to participate in AfricanKelli’s Calculated Acts of Kindness challenge, so today I took them into the break room and shared.  Everyone who happened to be  in the break room at 2:15PM today, got to attend a Cupcake Party! It was really fun. I got a chance to visit with some people I usually only get to say ‘hello’ in passing to in the hallway and meet some people I hardly knew. There was even one guy, who didn’t say one thing to me, walked straight over to the cupcakes and grabbed one and walked away. Hope you enjoyed it random cupcake grabber!

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