I’m really surprised that AT didn’t get whiplash tonight when we were watching Desperate Housewives.  You see I had her over for dinner and to help me determine the best places to put my Christmas trees.*  She gave me a hard time earlier when I said I was putting up some decorations.  When the scene in Desperate Housewives cut to Bree putting her holiday cards together, it was too funny.

Here I was, in the kitchen with my coordinating apron cooking home made mac and cheese, pumpkin bread and preparing to bake apples.

More on that later, I want to give some quick fly-bys of some of the food that passed my way this weekend:

  1. RoadRunner Park Farmer’s Market- There’s a very informational web site you Phoenix-Phoodies (oh, that’s so funny, get it, PHoenix-PHoodie, omg) should bookmark, it’s the Arizona Community of Farmer’s Markets.  With the cooler weather comes more variety from local farms.  I got the best stone ground bread, a juicy tomato and some really sour green apples.
  2. Matt’s Big Breakfast– I read about MBB a few months ago and have been waiting to check it out.  It was good  to a good business on a corner that could really use some TLC.  It was a little busy and the place only holds about 30 people, so just go when you have some time and aren’t in a rush.
  3. PB Loco– again. I’m obsessed, really, but it’s just so good.  I get the Nutella-Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich.  What about that doesn’t sound good.

*Did you catch that? Tree(s).  Here’s the deal, I love to decorate for the Holidays and in the desert, there’s no hedges.  Which means there is no place to put Christmas lights. I have to do something with all those lights, right?

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