Church bells.  Lawn mowers.  Shoes on wood floors.  Waking up in Caldwell is always the same.  The Lutheran Church is two down from my house and the church bells sound every hour.  When it’s Christmas time, there’s usually a Silent Night chime and then the “DONG!” “DONG!” “DONG!”  On our first morning back, there were 11 dongs before we got up.  I guess that happens when you don’t get in until 2 AM.  Denver weather backed everything up.

Mr. Perry is our neighbor.  He loves his riding lawn mower.  So, most mornings you can hear him and since my bedroom window faces his house, I get it in full effect.  I don’t mind.  I like the sound of lawn mowers.  It sounds like progress.  You know that when you’re finished mowing that you can see what you’ve done.  You don’t have to run any reports to chart your progress, there’s no specific measurable matrix you have to fit into.  The yard is either mowed or it isn’t.  Simple huh?

My parents house, which was my grandparents home and the one my Mom grew up in is really old.  I think it’s almost old enough for Willard Scott to wish it a happy birthday and it comes with all the moaning groaning you’d expect from a house that old.

Dad wakes up early. Which can be good, when he’s got a project.  When he doesn’t have a project, then it’s bad news for everyone.  This morning it was breakfast and inappropriate jokes.  His first one started, “Hey”  (that’s how all his jokes begin), “Hey, have you heard of the new sexual position for married couples?”

Finally, I’ve got a bit of a situation cooking up here.  You see, my parents keep the house freezing!  I’m serious, I can see the thermostat from here and it says, 68! So, not that that’s ridiculous, but I, knowing how cold they keep the house, brought socks specifically designed for cold weather and walking on wood floors.  They’re the kind with rubber traction on the bottom and they have little slots for each of your toes.  You know the ones right.  So, now I’m forced to wear borrowed flip flops and freeze my little tootsies off :(

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