JD’s wife’s daughter’s husband.  That’s how people are described in Caldwell.  It’s not enough to say JD Smith, because there could possibly be 3 JD Smiths in a town of 3,000 people.  For example, I’m Nada’s oldest daughter’s husband’s daughter.  Hubby is Reube’s oldest daughter’s oldest son.  It’s important that you go back at least three generations, lineage is very important to everyone knowing exactly who and what you’re all about. It’s kinda cute.  I’m back from a road trip with the family.  We went to San Antonio and we had a lot of time to talk about who all we’ve seen since we’ve been here, so all conversations about people have to include a genealogy.

San Antonio;  It’s my favorite city in Texas.  Here’s some highlights from our trip down.

Of course, the Alamo.

The Original Mexican Restaurant on the Riverwalk (daytime).

The Original Mexican Restaurant on the Riverwalk (nighttime).

My most favorite place in San Antonio is Mi Tierra’s.  Think Mexican Gone Wild then times 10, then add a few Hail Mary’s and perpetual Christmas and you’re starting to understand this place.

Here’s my dad.  He’s an Aggie.

Lizzy approves of this meal.

Remember what I said about Christmas- Did you imagine this? There are actually Mariachi’s in the bar.

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