Specific and measurable results.  It’s hard when you preach that every day at work and then you’re faced with the task of coming up with a New Year’s Resolution.  *grumble*

Here’s what I came up with: Limit my TV consumption.  I don’t know about you, but I seem to default to the TV being on all the time.  It’s my background noise. The problem is that when it’s on, I find myself pausing all the time to watch a segment or just zoning out on nothing.  I’ve got some rules, so I’m not going cold turkey.

Keesha’s TV Watching Algorithm

  1. Weekdays= (News and Weather till I leave for work + News and Jay Leno)+ (Mindful watching of Grey’s Anatomy + Ugly Betty + No Reservations)
  2. Weekends= (who needs it?)

Now I’m trying out all the XM satellite stations.  Yesterday I listened to XM Hitlist and today I’m trying out XM 20 on 20.  So far I’ve learned that Akon likes to “Smack that!” and I can “loosen up my buttons” and “shake my moneymaker.”  I need to find another channel.

I hope to get back in the kitchen this week and back to my blog.  Ciao!

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