Eat locally.  It’s a concept, a philosophy, a movement to be aware of the impact you can have by thinking about what food is available to you locally.  You impact local economy.  You impact the environment. I know I’m not equipped to make a full on switch to only locally grown food, but I get it and when I can, I try to give my patronage to locally owned businesses, including Agri-business.

Impact the environment.  Did you know there’s a type of potato that’s been genetically engineered to help corporations like McDonalds produce more uniformed french fries? The problem with this science is that the potato, like corn feed chickens, is so full of artificial “hormones” that the original nutritional value is almost null (not like that didn’t happen after they’re fried in transfat). Here’s the kicker.  The water demands to grow these super potatoes is so great, that it’s threatening the ground water supplies in the areas where there are massive crops. Isn’t that amazing?

Busy lives.  I feel pressed to cook during the week, and cooking during the week can be a chore. That’s why I’m happy to find that the Arizona Farmer’s Market group is getting organized and making larger efforts to advertise themselves.

They’re new site is awesome and it’s easy to find dates and locations where communities are hosting events. Check out their new site and find one in your neighborhood. Arizona Farmer’s Markets.

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