African Kelli

Kelli, most times I get tired reading your blog.  How do you have time to bike, run, swim, sew, craft, cook and be so thoughtful at the same time?  When I think about what I liked about biking most, it was the spokes and the plastic things on the wheels that made noise when you rode.   Then I thought about streamers, man, I loved the streamers on my bike.  And being the crafty little vixen you are, I thought you’d like to make your own!

Cupcake Queen

I won’t forget the day Hubby came in and said Aunt L has a blog, you should read it.  I thought it was the coolest thing since, well, the coolest thing since the cupcake!  I’ve had a ton of fun blogging and even more fun seeing all the cool stuff you’re doing.  For Christmas, you get this kick ass video!


Feasting in Phoenix

Seth, I know your roomie has moved out and I hope that you’re adapting.  I laughed out loud when I read about the ‘ax whilding’ night at your house.  I thought you could use this. And if you DO wear this outside, please call me.

Super Wife

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest blogger of them all?” “Why Molly of course.”  I know that since you have a tall, handsome, guitar playing, poetry speaking hottie, that you would like nothing more than for him to get out of medical school so you can be that amazing trophy wife you always wanted to be. Well baby girl, Merry Christmas!


Tequila Stakes Croquet

Melati, Thank you so much for inviting Hubby and I to your most amazing party.  Fitting with your karaoke legacy, I’d like to get you for Christmas, a few props.  I’m guessing you can figure out what to do with all of it :P


It’s really old by now, but the image of you running through that ghetto mall, with your two laptops (nerd alert!) trying to catch a bus really does make me laugh.  I didn’t know if you’d be lonely this holiday, you know now that you have the luxury of going to and from work in your own car, so for Christmas, I thought I’d get you a little visit from your old friend.


I love you.  Desde aqui hasta la luna.

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