Are you a tennis recruit looking for a scholarship?

If so, look no further and go get a pen and take down some notes.

Then, start taking action today on getting yourself a tennis scholarship.

“With the internet, we all have to ability to communicate with each other easy, free and very fast, so leverage it for all it is worth when going after your scholarship”.

Go, let get busy!

Create your “Dream List” of schools that you would like to play for.

Make sure that you can play on that level by the way.

Get your coaches and your parent’s advice but go with your own gut feeling on your final decision.

After you create your list.

It’s time to create a player profile, write it up in a document and then download it into a PDF file, so you can send it to coaches.

Include all your achievements in your junior career and 3 recommendations from teachers or business people.

Next, make a video.

This should be you playing matches and in practice.

At the start of the video introduce yourself and thank them for watching, then at the end of the video, tell them how you can help their program and what you bring to the table as a player.

Start contacting coaches.

Send them an email with your profile.

They will then ask you to send your video, so do that.

The next thing is very important in getting your scholarship.

Call them 3 days after you sent it and sell yourself on why they need to recruit YOU.

Write out a script and practice it until you know it by heart, anticipate their questions and have your power statement ready.

Talk with them in a very relaxed and conversational manner.

And this will allow you to control the conversation from start to finish.

Keep following up every 2 weeks and if you get the feeling that it isn’t going to happen with that school.

Take them off your dream list and replace them with another school.

Don’t worry though.

If you put this plan into action with a thought-out strategy and you keep working it with a great attitude and purpose.

You will get your scholarship very fast.

Because coaches will see that you have your act together and that you are self-directed.

All college coaches are looking for character, integrity and leadership ability.

So, start working on all of those attributes today and strengthen them as fast as you can.


That’s it!

“Follow these steps and start with the end goal in mind and set strong intentions and never allow anyone or anybody to break your intentions, which is to do whatever it takes to get a tennis scholarship”.

And it’s a done deal!

One more thing.

Work the numbers (colleges that you contact at first) until those numbers start working for you!

Contact as many schools as you need to at the start and keep contacting them until you get 5 of them interested in recruiting you.

After that.

It’s just of matter of working the process.

You guys are set and…

I wish all of you recruits the best of luck too!


Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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