There are so many types of scholarships available at the moment and free college grants is just one of them. Free college grants are free to apply and they hand out free, non-repayable funds. If you have not applied for one yet, then do it right now as they are a very easy route to take.

In general, scholarships come from 3 sources, the colleges themselves, the state and the private sector. Let’s have a quick look at each of these:

Scholarships from colleges: Each college or university will have a variety of scholarships available and you can apply for any of them that are relevant to you. Broadly speaking, they would be either athletic scholarships, academic scholarships or departmental awards. You would need to have specific talents to qualify for any of theses scholarships.

State and federal scholarships: Examples of these are federal pell grants, federal work studies and Perkins loans. There are numerous other ones too and you should contact your state’s higher education authority and speak to them about what you may qualify for. Most states offer excellent scholarships, some would be needs based and others may be to encourage women back into the workforce.

Private sector scholarships: There are thousands of private companies that offer private scholarships and they vary from $50 to over $20000. You need to do some research on this but good places to look would be religious organizations, chamber of commerce, high school or maybe school districts and corporations. If you are working, approach your employer for a scholarship and you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you would like to apply for a private sector scholarship then you should also give the free college grants a try. They are quick and easy to apply for and the application does not cost a cent, just head on over right away.


Source by Bernice Jameson

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