Earning MBA degree has become a very important aspect today. However, earning an MBA degree for many has been a problem as they do not get time. Distance learning Programs have proved to fulfill the dreams of many aspiring candidates. Without going to a traditional MBA college, one can pursue the online University programs from the comfort of their homes.

Many online University programs are available. There are lots of distance learning MBA programs, such as IT Management, Finance Planning etc. With such a huge number of MBA programs, it becomes really confusing for an individual to find out which distance learning MBA program is genuine.

Here are some of the major merits and demerits of distance learning MBA.

Merits of online MBA courses:
– The greatest merit is that, it is very flexible for people who are in a full time job or are pre-occupied with taking care of family members at home. As such people cannot go for a regular course, online University programs are of great help to them.
– Secondly, the fees is affordable and not expensive as a regular course. Online University programs are less expensive because there is no traditional class room to go. Moreover, most of the course material can be downloaded from the internet.
– Students can avail the facility of selecting courses from a wide range of online university programs.
– Unlike a classroom lecture, in a virtual class room, a student can get personal attention and all his queries can be answered in an online chat forum.
– Students who suffer from physical disabilities can avail a great benefit by such distance learning MBA program.

Demerits of online MBA courses:
– A student must be self motivated and disciplined, and should have an excellent time management skills to get success.
– Interaction with other faculty and students may sometimes lead to insufficient team discussions and learning.
– Some candidates fail to find out a genuine and accredited distance learning MBA.
– It may sometimes become very difficult to manage studying and also maintaining family life.
– Candidates may tend to get the feeling of isolation with the kind of e- learning that the Universities offer and may sometimes feel challenging to complete the course.
– Students’ commitment may sometimes suffer as there are no class room restrictions and there is no one to monitor over the activities in a distance learning MBA.
– It will be great difficulty for the candidates who do not know the usage of internet. Although there may be a few such cases, but still the concern always remains in online University programs.


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