Many people would not have heard the term “Sustainable MBA”. It is slightly different from the traditional courses. The normal MBA courses would contain courses like finance, human resource and some economic ethics. However, the sustainable MBA would contain subjects like the social and economic sustainability. Since they are including subjects related to the environmental concern they are sometimes called as Green MBA.


The sustainability MBA programs have some basic foundation that comprises of

1. Social sustainability

2. Economic sustainability

3. Environmental sustainability

These three sustainability is otherwise called as the “the triple bottom line”. Let us now know what each term means.

The social sustainability deals with the overpopulation and the impacts of it. They also learn about how to eliminate poverty with the current resources.

The economic sustainability contains courses such as how to use the resources such as oil in an economic way. Since oil is in a very scarce amount they have a great challenge in replacing the oil with the natural resources.

The environmental sustainability has great concern about the global warming and the harm that it causes to the people. They will also analyse about the habitat conditions.

With these concepts included in the subjects, the students will get deeper knowledge about the environmental and social problems and thus help in solving the problem to a greater extent.

The most important problem that has to be dealt seriously is the effects of global warming. It has many harmful effects and hence students should take great care and concern in solving the problems.

There are many universities that have sustainable MBA. Some of them are

BSL – Business School Lausanne

National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Mumbai, India

1. University of Michigan

2. Anaheim University

3. Bainbridge Graduate Institute

4. Green Mountain College

5. Marylhurst University

6. University of East Anglia

There are some criticisms about the Green MBA. Some environmentalists say that industries hire graduates in the name of environmental concern when they are actually not concerned about it. There are many more complaints like the courses are not good enough.

Hence, the Sustainable MBA is a very good course that makes students aware of the environmental problems.


Source by Oleg Petrovskiy

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