Despite all of the negative talk associated with Obama’s latest stimulus package, there are some very positive aspects of it, especially if you are a single mom. The President has made a vow to help all single mothers improve e the quality of their lives by making it possible for them to go back to school. This has been made possible by Obama’s ‘Moms Return To School’ Government Scholarship Grant.

The recession that we are currently in has removed millions of jobs. People are struggling to make ends meet. One of the ways that people can change their situations is to go back to school in order to qualify for new and higher pay jobs. Moms are now able to do this with the help of the federal government!

Federal Pell Grants are one of the few white horses in this very dark time. Usually a monetary find just for teenagers, the new administration is now making it easy for single mom’s to access this money and get them back to school. Low income students can now access over $5000 in free money to fund their way to a better lifestyle.

Accessing the funds is easier than you think. Simply choose the major of your choice, then the college or university, and apply for the federal Pell Grant to fund your online education. Imagine doing all of this from the comfort of your home, safe with your family, and earning a degree that will change your lives. It can be done; all you have to do is apply.


Source by Michael Kohler

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