In India is seeing a gold rush for MBA. In India privatization is making its feet stronger day by day. In toady’s India there are much more opportunities, as compared to the earlier years. Especially after 1990’s liberalization policies India has seen a big boom in privatization. That why MBA which was not much not sot after carrier option in India till 1985, has seen a big boom in this segment. The number of applicants for IIM’s has increased many folds, knowing that only one percent of them can make for it. That’s why today there are more than 1000 MBA colleges in India. About 100 of them are well recognized worldwide.

The rush for the MBA is because of the good status symbol associated with it. For middle class students this offers a very good opportunity for growth. Only by getting an admission in leading MBA College, they can land up in big posts. More to this, MBA courses provide big challenges for young generations. They got lot of challenging assignments in their tenure. The other reason is obvious the big pay cheques associated with jobs offered to MBA’s. Recent years there is huge increase in salary offered to average MBA student. Last year one of IIM, Ahemdabad MBA graduate was offered salary more then 1 core/year. Which is the highest ever salary offered to an Indian MBA. If we compare this with the average Indian earning, most of them are not even able to earn 1 crore in their whole life.

The main raise in the salary is due to the coming up of MNC’s for recruitment in India. Every year lot of MNC’s visit Indian campuse and offer attractive packages. This is due to the success of lot Indian MBA’s abroad. Not only the MNC’s, what the Indian companies are also offering good salaries. Indian companies have shown significant growth in world today. Also the liberalization has opened new business opportunities in India. New businesses are coming up and they require good managers to run their business.

Today MBA is good sot after carrier option in India. More and more student opts for this. The rush for MBA is clear from the fact that today even doctors, engineers and all field graduate are opting for MBA. Therefore more and more colleges have started offering MBA courses. If students doesn’t got seat in big institutes, then they are even opting for foreign countries. In recent year the number of students going abroad for MBA has increased many folds.


Source by Arvind Katoch

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