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Watch the Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test : 3 Interesting Facts


Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test

In this Article, We have a Discussion about the Tesla Cyberturck Crash Test. Built by Tesla, Inc. in 2023, the Tesla Cybertruck is a full-size pickup truck that runs on battery power. In November 2019, the car was unveiled as a concept. Its controversial triangular body shape featuring flat stainless steel sheet metal panels is immediately noticeable. At first, Tesla planned to start manufacturing the car in 2021. Customers initially received production Cybertrucks in late November 2023, following a string of delays.

Different variants have different EPA range estimates, but as of December 2023, three options were available: a tri-motor all-wheel drive (AWD) “Cyberbeast” model, a dual-motor AWD model, and a rear-wheel drive (RWD) model.[6] Only in North America can you get your hands on a Cybertruck. Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test is the main point of interest for people who want to buy a Tesla Cybertruck

The statement made by Elon Musk

During the delivery event in Austin, Texas, CEO Elon Musk declared, “If you argue with another car, you will win.” Although some experts are doubtful about the Cybertruck’s practicality, Musk has asserted that Tesla is “highly confident” in its ability to keep pedestrians and passengers safer than other vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test Report

Tesla Cybertruck Crash Test Report says, That a vehicle’s front-end profile did not matter much if the hood height was above 40 inches. And generally, trucks, SUVs, and vans cause more fatalities than cars, as per the IIHS. In the footage released during the delivery event, we saw a full frontal impact test at 35 miles per hour, a side impact test at 38 mph, and a rollover test at 16 mph.

Tesla also said in a tweet on December 12, 2023, that the size of the crumple zone didn’t matter. “It’s about how you use it [the crumple zone] in a high-speed collision.” Tesla added that the Cybertruck’s “front underbody casting was designed to break into small pieces,” which “helps reduce occupant impact by absorbing and dispersing energy.” It’s hard to say if the deformation of the frontal crumple zones is any better or worse than the Ford F-150 Lightning, but here’s how the two appear in a side-by-side video comparison.

Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford F150 crash test Video

Credit: Sascha Pallenberg

Analysis of the Tesla Cybertruck vs the Ford F150 Lightning in their raw crash test form. Regrettably, the crash test film of the Tesla Cybertruck is severely lacking. To make a comparison, I did my best to piece everything together in an acceptable manner. Tesla cybertruck crash test is formed by Sascha Pallenberg

Tesla Cybertruck Crash test images by Joe Tegtmeyer’s

Drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer released images of a crash-tested Tesla Cybertruck from a flyover above the Gigafactory in Texas. The pictures are unclear, and the aerial rear-three-quarters angle isn’t particularly revealing of what was possibly a frontal offset test. But some details are visible.

Joe Tegtmeyer’s main points

1: The front airbags have gone off, the windshield is dramatically angled but not broken, and the doors have been knocked off their hinges. It looks like the frunk took a beating and is bent badly, but that’s not always negative because crumple zones at the front and back are there to crush and absorb the shock.

2: While this may be the first confirmed crash test of the Cybertruck, the pilot of the drone insists otherwise, and Tesla has tested the Cybertruck’s structural strength several times before. Posts online in September 2023 showed a Cybertruck undergoing a ditch rollover test. Even though the test’s safety findings were murky, we can see that the prototype’s roof was twisted, airbags went off, and various body panels, including fender flares, were lying in the EV’s cargo area.

3: The damage shown above, however, does not necessarily indicate a definitive outcome. Our understanding of the seemingly “impenetrable” Cybertruck’s relative merits among EVs will be enhanced after the NHTSA and IIHS undertake their thorough tests using test subjects and an array of sensors.

Tesla cars variants

Just in case you forgot, the current lineup of Tesla vehicles has consistently scored very high in safety ratings found in both European and American crash tests. Model 3 and 2023 Model Y were honored with the prestigious Top Safety Pick+ designation by IIHS not long ago. Previous 5-star ratings from the NHTSA were also received by the Model S and the Model X. If Tesla were to release an electric truck, it would probably aim for the same kind of success.

Finally Facts about Tesla Cybertruck

1. Alien Spaceship Mistaken Identity: Driving the Cybertruck down the street, Some confused it for an alien feat. “Take me to your leader,” they jokingly said, Elon Musk, the extraterrestrial in their head.

2. Autopilot Puts GPS to Shame: Autopilot, is a feature quite grand, But sometimes it loses its way, unplanned. In the city, it sees a turn and gets rash, “Make a U-turn,” it says, in a car park, oh, the clash!

3. Stealth Mode Not Included:
The Cybertruck may be sleek and bold, But in stealth mode, it’s not been told. With sharp angles, it can’t slip away, more likely to turn heads in a comical display.

Note: If you find these facts funny and relatable in real life then, let me know in the comments section. Have a nice Day… Read More

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